Shaishav Sood (Street Articles Author)

Hello everyone, How you doing, this is Shaishav Sood from my home office in Patiala. I am working as a network and affiliate marketer for the last 2 years and enjoying what I am doing. Let me tell you bit about me and my life.

Before coming to affiliate and network marketing, I was very shy and an average student in school and college but like others, I too had huge dreams to follow.

I never liked these marketing previously as I always thought that this is not for me and I might be wasting my time and money on it but after few years, while doing job, I started thinking that this is not the way I wanted to live and die working for others and getting the peanuts every month as salary.

I have to do something big and while finding other options, I found that MLM or Network Marketing and affiliate marketing are the only industries where I can make huge money for very little efforts and obviously one can full fill there dreams staying in this business but on the other hand I knew that this is not gonna be easy for me and I have to struggle to reach and achieve my dreams.

My dedication and passion to succeed in affiliate/network marketing made me stay in the business. My first network marketing business was GDI (Global Domains International) which was a huge flop. I spent atleast 150000 INR to make that business grow but nothing worked for me even after working in a team of 1000 members and it was like, well, this is not for me. I should quit and keep working for others.

I was confused and broken with no money to spend. But there was something which was holding me back and asking me to stay in the business and that was my passion. I was not ready to work for others. I wanted to work for myself staying at home with my family.

Than I started new team called TWRPS COOP. It was a great success because of the support of other members who joined me. May be this was the turning point in my life. But still was not making that big. It was like sometime up and sometime down... I need a solution to make it grow steadily.

Here comes the role of Mike Dillard in my life. He changed my life entirely. After buying his book Magnetic Sponsoring" I came to know what I was doing wrong in MLM. The way I was working in MLM was outdated and we need something which was working now...

I applied whatever is told by Mike Dillard in his book and today I am a proudly say that I earn four figure income from home.

Once you know the secrets (well, there are no secrets as such) but still I would call these techniques as secrets unless you know them, than there is no looking back...

If you want to get success in any online business, make a firm decision and tell yourself that "quitting is not an option here" and you will get what you want in life. The second thing which I learned is to help others to help you in online business. Nothing is impossible; the only thing you need to learn is to how to become leader in the market.

If you want to make it a big in this industry ... than learn the way, leaders are working and follow their footprints. I can assure you the success will come to you...

My other love is affiliate marketing. I enjoy writing and sharing things which I know ...

Thanks, Shaishav Sood,

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