Shanti Moeller (Street Articles Author)

Let's cut the BS I want to trade everyday of my life. I am loving options swing trading and over the past year have been learning the ropes. My raw education given to me by the market herself is well worth the cost to learn this new skill. Meanwhile I am funding this account through all practical means possible. To trade options as a day trader I need 25,000 in the account at a minimum and raising that amount has been an adventure in itself. One year ago a stranger introduced me to the person who I came to know as my mentor and friend in the stock trader world. I have learned the rules but am still too quick at this point to enter a trade and not quick enough at other points. I am working on timing which is especially crutial in the options trading world. Truly I enjoy my family, my husband, my two boys, and my mother and father with whom we are very close. It is my intention through web-based and non-web means to introduce those of you who want to know to the path of one of the great day traders as I move along my journey which is not always a smooth one but always a pleasant adventure.

The Art Of Options Trading
There are several areas which make mastering trading stock options an art and a science. For those of us who have been fortunate enough to learn from the best and get better than average returns there are ways in which the professional trader is different than the average trader. Consistency…
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Return on Option Investment
Making a business of stock options trading is no easy task. Entering into options trading is a business that requires stamina and persistence. True there are some trades that go perfectly in the beginning that can grow your account, but for the most part learing to trade options to win…
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