Shaquinho (Street Articles Author)

I'm an audio professional for over 10 years and work with audio software on a daily basis (Pro Tools in general). I have worked (and still work) at several TV- and radio stations and in a post production studio (working on movie sound). I 've been producing music for TV, ran a small label for electronic music, built my own studio and earned (and still earn) some good money as a DJ.

I also create music on my computer since 2000, when a friend gave me a freeware software called Jeskola Buzz. I have since moved to Cubase and then to Ableton Live for my music projects.

I spend a huge amount of time with audio soft- and hardware, working hard, getting things done as well as having fun, playing around, creating music.

I like to share my knowledge and experience so you can benefit from that. I also like to inspire and motivate, because music making is so much more than the technical aspect of it. It's about getting your ideas out, losing yourself in sounds, rhythm and melodies, getting stuck, having a break, regaining inspiration, being totally excited and a lot more.

When you have ideas, comments, questions or know something I don't, feel free to contribute in the comments section.

Have fun and be creative!

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