Sharon Bechtold (Street Articles Author)

Sharon C. Bechtold is a professional wildlife artist living in Chicago.

She is a third generation artist with a background in oil painting and watercolors, She fell in love with burning in 1984 and has won numerous awards, written 6 books, is a regular contributor to major print magazines, teaches all over North America.

She has been teaching pyrography since 2002, is represented by galleries throughout the country and museums in Illinios, holds the status of Illinios State Artisan, and is an artist-in-residence at Life Force Arts Center in Chicago.

Sharon has an online Burning Academy and YouTube show that teach people how to burn realistic wildlife and human subjects.

Pyrography - Mastering the Art Of Burning
There are three elements that will allow you to burn anything at any time. These three controls can be used to troubleshoot any issue and address any challenge you may ever have in pyrography. These three elements are important because they control the quality of your line. And in this…
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