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I am Sharon. I am passionate about health and wellbeing. I am a qualified Shiatsu Practioner and study Chinese Medicine, eating disorders and mental heath issues. I was born in Camden NSW and came to Perth when I was six. I love animals, fishing and camping. My father was a big believer in natural remedies and I guess he passed this on to me and when he passed away, I found my passion. Having had bulimia for years and having a daughter with anorexia, I have joined a carers group at Princess Margaret Hospital for children in Perth and have found it rewarding to have a say as a carer representative.

Eating Disorders: What Lies Beneath
What defines eating disorders? I am writing this article from experience to help you understand what your young person is going through. Eating Disorders are a complex and irrational condition that is difficult to understand. I personally suffered with Bulimia Nervosa for 20 years without knowing what was wrong with…
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