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Over the years I have worn many hats. It all began with a farmer’s hat that I wore when I was very young. Learning how to live off the land, take care of animals, and work extremely hard and to make my education top priority.

Next I wore the nursing hat that I have put on many times over the years. First as a caregiver and then as a daughter, caring for my mother.

While my boys were growing up I wore my Mom Hat and juggled that with being a CEO of a Hands-On-Science Museum.

Today I wear an Office Hat to help support a group of interior designers with technology and resources.

Now I am wearing my writer’s hat to create and design websites where I work very hard and make my education top priority.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again.

Sharon Meier

Part Time Jobs for Seniors
It is hard to retire without enough resources to live on. Often there isn't enough money to live the way that you want to because of the small amount of pension or social security that you are getting. The good news is that there are part-time jobs for seniors that…
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The Top Ten Ipad Apps for Interior Design
The iPad and iPhone have brought a new dimension to interior design. Everything that you could possibly want is now at the tips of your fingers. I am thrilled at all of the new innovations available to the homeowner, builder and interior designer. Below are my favorite must have iPad…
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80th Birthday Present
Every Saturday I work at a senior living facility as a receptionist. Part of my job is to solve everyday issues that pop up in a senior’s life. Last week I received a phone call from John one of our residents with a very unusual problem. John was quite upset…
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Michael Graves Designs A Hybrid Rollator Walker
Michael Graves is a famous architect and designer who has designed many familiar objects. Step into a Target store and you will find tea kettles, toasters and Martini shakers with his signature design. Travel the world and you will see famous buildings that he designed such as the Walt Disney…
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How to Choose A Rollator Walker
Daily walking is an important activity to staying healthy. A rollator walker is a piece of medical equipment that aids a person with their walking. It stabilizes balance, helps to bear your weight, prevents falls and increases your endurance. Seek advice from your doctor or physical therapist to see if…
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How to Get A Walker Or Rollator Through Medicare
If you are on Medicare, you may be eligible to have all or part of a walker or rollator paid for. Medicare pays for a walker if you meet their medical need requirements and you obtain a written prescription from your doctor. The medical needs include such things as, being…
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