Sharon Vacelli (Street Articles Author)

I am a 70 plus year old married woman. My husband and I have been married for 54 years now. I Retired at 71, and have been busy with our house and yard. I paint cartoon characters and donate them to the foster children in our health and welfare dept here in our area. I have just started to get interested in writing articles so we shall see how that goes.

How to Keep A Man Fifty Years
It is well known that the husband is the oldest least at first. I'm sure that the men won't agree with me, but it is true at least at first. I'm sorry guys I don't mean to offend. I'm trying to talk to the woman. I am an old…
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Red Eye Revisited
This is another adventure with the Red Eye Montana Police Department. Remember that dreadful murder of chloe Davis? There has been another murder. This time it is a homeless man, Abner Wall. This town has around 500 people living here and half of them are only seasonal. It is very…
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Gone Camping
It was starting to get dark and Jeff has been gone a long time. Jeff said he was going to do a little afternoon hunting and would be back before dark. Kay was starting to get really worried. She is not an experienced camper, but Jeff said after a few…
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I Remember Daddy
I have the best memories of my daddy. He was big, strong and loved his family. He also loved his job. He worked on the railroad. When I was growing up in Las Vegas Nv. it was a railroad town. This was in the 1940's and 1950's before all the…
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A New Life
We have been on the road for the better part of 2 days. My 5 year old son Ronny and I were on our way to a new town, a new job for me and a new start in life. Our lives have changed because my ex-husband asked for a…
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Back In the Day
The Foster family lived on Round Mountain, Northern California. John and Rose Foster had two daughters. The oldest was Vera, and the youngest was Rita. They were both good lookin' girls. The ranch that the Fosters owned was small but in good shape. There was a ranch right next to…
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Settling the West
My name is Amy Andrews. I came to Sawtooth to marry Sid Davis. I am past my prime and so I applied to the matrimonial agency in the local paper. Sid answered and said he need a wife to care for a 2 year boy. The mother had passed and…
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Where's Betty
It was the spring of 1931 and times were very hard. After the stock market crashed, money was scarce. Many families could not feed their children. One of the casualties of the times was baby Betty June. Her mom and dad could not feed her so they gave her up…
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Be Happy With Your Life
Today is a good day to appreciate all your gifts. You should appreciate things taken for granted. Some good deeds go unnoticed. These little bits of kindness are the things that make a good a great day. I can give you a few examples such as... the street is full…
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Always Have A Plan - b
Around and around we go, where life stops nobody knows. You can plan and try to prepare for every eventuality.. but some of the time life does not go as planned. It's very important to have a plan-B. We were young when we married, we didn't have a care in…
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