Sharon Vacelli (Street Articles Author)

I am a 70 plus year old married woman. My husband and I have been married for 54 years now. I Retired at 71, and have been busy with our house and yard. I paint cartoon characters and donate them to the foster children in our health and welfare dept here in our area. I have just started to get interested in writing articles so we shall see how that goes.

Amazing Forensics
I am an avid fan of forensic programs on television. It's amazing how they can solve a crime 10, 20 even 30 years later. If the statute of limitations are not up. DNA has been a real help in setting free innocent people who were in prison unjustly. In the…
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My Experience With Cancer
During my life I have been very healthy. I guess I took it for granted. Never missed a school day or very rarely. When I was 15 years old, I started smoking. In my defence, we were very nieve in those days... smoking was grown up and sophicated. Oh well,…
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Good Deeds
I am a senior and I have been around long enough to see a lot of bad and a lot of good in the human spirit. I think the good still out weights the bad. May be it has to do with the area you live in. It's easier to…
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Conduct Unbecoming
It's Sunday morning around 11:00am and I am watching a television show called"las vegas Jails". It's about women drunk and disorderly. I'm amazed at how far down some women, on this show, have fallen. They don't respect themselves or others. There is nothing more unpleasent than seeing a woman under…
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Feeling Of Alert
Do you think that everyone has that gut feeling that tells you, no don't do it, or danger, fear? I was raised with a lot of very important things un said or understood. The age of non information. Well any way this is why I bring this up. I guess…
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Red Wagon
The Johnson farm is deserted now, has been for a couple of year. The Yard is dead and over grown. There is nothing but a little red wagon amoungst the weeds. Years ago times were hard and money was scarce so there was little choice for Ted Johnson but to…
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The Olympic Games
I am not a sports fan but I really do admire people who devote their whole lives to one sport. From the time they are 3, 4, 5 years old until they approach their early 20s, nothing maters but their one specific sport. They give up their normal childhood and…
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Keeping Marriage Strong
Mu husband and I have been married for over 54 years. I would like to share a few things that worked for us. Some of these things are: Don't Give Up Every time there is a rough patch, you hold on tight to the marriage. Work alittle harder and get…
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The Five Senses
As I grow older, there are a lot of sleepless nights, where you lie in bed and think, remembering things, planing things. Last night was one of those nights and I hear a train whistle cutting through the quiet. That brought me a memory of my father. He worked on…
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Things I Remember
Being raised in a small town we didn't have a large variety of things for entertainment. Movies were my favorites. John Garfield, Humphrey Bogert, Lana Turner, Linda Darnell. They were bigger than life. I loved them all. When the movie started, the adventure began. The price of a movie was…
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