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My name is Shaun, I'm from the sunshine country Australia. I've always loved to help people, and I hope i do this by my writing. Everything I write about are things that I'm passionate about. So If I helped you in anyway after you read my content. I'm happy.

I am not perfect, and my writing is definitely not perfect. Every article I write is a step towards my goal to become a better writer. I would like some feedback too, if you have anything to add. If you have any sort of constructive criticism for me, I'm happy to take it on board and improve!

How To Buy A Compact Digital Camera
So you're in the market for a digital camera but not exactly sure what to look for? that's OK, I hope to rectify that in this article and help you on how to buy a compact digital camera. When it comes to choosing a camera there are some guidelines that…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Electronics   Jun 03, 2013  
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How To Pick Gifts For Guys - 5 Tips That Makes It Easy
How to pick gifts for guys? A question that always comes around when it's gifting season. Us men like women can sometimes be hard to figure out. You may be picking a gifts for someone you don't know or someone that is close to you. Whatever the case maybe, these…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Gifts   Dec 14, 2012  
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