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I am Shawn Lee Martin and Author Shawn Lee.

After many years of touring the world as a professional musician and at the same time being a small business owner in the auto and truck repair business, I have semi retired in the physical sense and am now an Internet Entrepreneur.

I have many interests that I have always wanted to write about and have found a way to incorporate this with owning a successful online business.

I have two sons in the music business, Brett Lusthart and Dr. Noise, that I occasionally write about who always keep me guessing.

I also have a wonderfully talented daughter Brianna, along with my loving wife Shelby, and our two cats, Tiger and Sabrina,and of course my baby girl golden retriever Sweet Pea.

You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks!
Hi everyone! Remember me? I have not written a Street Articles in a very long time and I just thought it was time to put one out here. I hope everyone has been in good health and are having a productive 2015 so far. I am teaching an old dog…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Personal Growth   Jan 23, 2015  
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Thanks Everyone!
hello everyone! It has been a while since I have written an article here as I have been busy working on websites and other projects. I thought now would be a good time to get in touch with everyone again. Thanks! I want to say thanks to everyone who has…
By:  in  Home and Family   Dec 19, 2013  
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E Coli Contaminated Water In Rockford Illinois
This is so close to home for me it has given me a very real scare when I read about e coli contaminated water in Rockford Illinois. How safe is your drinking water when a city with less than a year old state of the art automated water system can…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Diseases   Sep 11, 2013  
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Native American Payday Loans Are Booming
It seems that regardless of what individual states do to curb these money pits, Native American payday loans are booming. Seems they have changed their names to short term loans to get around usury laws, and claim they are not covered by the laws of the states. Not covered by…
By:  in  Finance  >  Debt Relief   Sep 11, 2013  
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Pay Back Payday Loans The Easy Way
School is back in session all over America, and stay at home mothers and fathers are now finding free time to take a part or even full time job to catch up on bills. Many of these responsible parents are doing this to pay back payday loans they may have…
By:  in  Finance  >  PayDay Loans   Sep 08, 2013  
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Ohio Payday Loans, Alive And Well
Even when lawmakers vote to create laws to stop payday lending companies, they still end up on top, and Ohio payday loans are still alive and well, even though they were voted illegal in 2008. How can they still be alive and well? Lawmakers in 2008 did vote to make…
By:  in  Finance  >  PayDay Loans   Aug 27, 2013  
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Florida Banks Backing Payday Loans
Florida is now following suit with many other states with the latest news stating "Florida banks backing payday loans." This is something of a trend lately around the country and it seems to be growing. With so much potential for huge profits and a never ending flow of clients this…
By:  in  Finance  >  PayDay Loans   Aug 20, 2013  
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Payday Loan Backers, Major Banks Are Joining the Circus!
It is a sad day when you can not trust your bank not to be one of the major U.S. banks who are now payday loan backers. Seems every day you read another politician is waging a war on these companies, but yet they still keep growing to the point…
By:  in  Finance  >  PayDay Loans   Aug 20, 2013  
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1369 Reasons For Not Using Payday Loan Companies
I have done a bit of research and I have come up with 1369 reasons for not using payday loan companies. I will list them all in one word, interest! 1369? This is the interest number that Integrity Advance LLC, a payday loan company is charging in interest on their…
By:  in  Finance  >  PayDay Loans   Jun 17, 2013  
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All In One Home Business Opportunity!
When I finally decided I was going to start a home business, I did not know very much about how to do it, or where to go to find what i was looking for, but I did know what I was looking for, which was I wanted to find a…
By:  in  Business  >  Marketing   May 20, 2013  
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