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I have been working in the software development field for over 20 years and have an avid interest in home recording. My business aspirations have been modest but always found myself supporting someone else's vision. Now I am trying to share my experiences with those who would like to venture out or continue their efforts with their own business whether its home based or not. My experience with home based businesses has been quit extensive. My step-father ran a jewelry and watch and clock repair shop out of the house. Several of my uncles had their own body shops, an aunt who ran several successful businesses and an ex-wife who over 20 years had 2 successful businesses which were ran out of he house or started out as such. I plan to share my experiences which hopefully will help others overcome the pitfalls and reap the rewards. It is always better to walk around the pit than to fall in and have to claw your way out only to fall into another pit.

Top 5 Elements Of A Good Bucket List
A bucket list is a good idea so much so that most of us, no matter our age were asked to put one together when we were in grade school. You know when the teacher asked you what you hoped to accomplish before you leave this world. Most of us…
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Living Duck Style
The most amazing part of my work day is the walk I take around a pond which is situated between a bunch of office buildings. No matter how bad my day may be going, I always look forward to seeing the ducks. They are usually swimming, resting, eating or just…
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When Failing is Not A Failure
So many times we attempt tasks that seem to take forever to get right.  We may even feel we will never figure it out but with persistence we can succeed.  The only time we truly fail is when we quit trying.  When Thomas Edison was asked about the 1,000 attempts…
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When Looks Can Be Deceiving
Ever see someone walking about looking like nothing is wrong then later you find out they have 6 bodies buried in their basement. Life is like that sometimes. Especially when that person may be going through some horrific experience. We all try to mask our true feelings and hide our…
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Blogging, Article Marketing And Affiliate Marketing
When I started looking into internet marketing I was overwhelmed by the possibilities. I didn't know the first thing about any of it. I have a degree in Computer Science and I work as a senior software developer but this is a whole new world. You hear all the acronyms.…
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How A Hobby Can Grow Into A Business
When does a hobby become a business? How many times has somebody asked you why you don't do whatever you do as a hobby as a professional? It could be that your piano playing has reached a level of proficiency that garners you much praise or it could be a…
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Limits And Balance
In our day to day activities, we are always evaluating our actions against available resources. We have to resolve conflicts by limits of many varieties. There are the physical limits of time and space, the limits of available resources and hopefully our own self-imposed limits. Physical Limits We are all…
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Communication - Key to Sustaining And Growing Your Business
In the aftermath of World War II, government agencies all took turns debating on how the war could have been won. Most every discussion proposed centered around one central theme, communication. Better communications yields better results. What does this have to do with your business? Everything. Your business can be…
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Multiple Revenue Streams From One Website - An Example Blueprint for Success
In the fast paced world of todays global economy it makes no sense not to have multiple streams of revenue from any one business. What are streams of revenue? Any source of money coming into your business is a revenue stream. They can be large and they can be small…
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3 Reasons People Start A Home Based Business
Ever wonder why so many people opt to start their own business from home? The freedom of it all is the number one reason anyone would go through the pain, misery and uncertainty that is a home business. Most people don't particularly hate their job. They just hate certain aspects…
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