Sherry McMahan (Street Articles Author)

Being new in the Internet Marketing world and learning to write for public consumption is Scary; but my favorite hobby is learning!

Historically I am a NASA computer hardware design engineer and a database programmer and all things computer; I have usually owned my own computing businesses but I have tried working for other companies a few times.

The most exciting things I have ever done are the things I am doing Now! I help people to use Dragon Naturally Speaking to control their computer. Some of these people have Zero use of their hands; others just want to improve their typing speeds and their spelling.

Another "hobby" is driving my 2007 Prius. I call it my Video Game on Wheels. Every day I try to get a better score :-)

And then there are Cockatiels! One cockatiel, when I was about 22, has developed into having a sanctuary and rehoming ones that I can tame down. The ones I can't tame down I keep; I love their personalities and their "Attitudes!". I love watching ones that come in scared and angry become tolerant and then even Friends.

Most of my people relationships have centered around 1-on-1... Teaching, Repairing, Hanging Out. I have never been a group person. Most of my Learning has been done by Trial and Error with the support of books and the internet and sometimes a mentor.

My family is great (husband, two kids, two grandkids and extended families) and they do an incredible job of adapting to my passions and weirdness's. We have a lot of fun and appreciation for each other.

And I have seldom risked Sharing anything Personal. Prior to finding Wealthy Affiliate University, I have not been much of a joiner and I have kept most of my opinions to myself. I did not find school a nurturing place to learn and grow and stretch. (except for my Electronics Classes) Well, I am here now and wherever I am, I do tend to Play Hard. Looking forward to Playing and Making Friends!

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