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Have you met me and my family? Well my name is Shone’ I am 39 years old and have a wife the same age as myself, her name is Brenda we have to awesome kids. My daughter is 10 and my son is 6 and we love to make arts, crafts, jewelry and yarn projects. My wife more then myself but I would like to change that. I see her all the time knitting something. So trust me she is a pro.

My son is the ball of energy so his crafts always seem to be more inspiring but a little bit more on the unfinished side but what do you expect from a 6 old boy who puts all his energy into what ever it is he does! Some times I think its all about speed and movement more then detail but that will come with time.

My daughter on the other hand is a perfectionist! Yet its strange because she is a total tom boy and I find it interesting to think that when you see us do our art in here. I personally feel it all falls under the term art. Any way I want you to watch because you will see what I mean about my kids. You will see the tom boy and perfection come out of my daughter, the chaos and energy that I so love form my son and also many things that we all need to work on to be better at our craft. I encourage you to comment and guide if you have advice.

My wife is the most patient person I have ever seem, she can sit there and knit for hours and the project is so awesome when she is done I am amazed! I love to watch her do it at times. Other times yes I get a bit annoyed! Yet I know its something she loves and I do my best to understand that. So trust me when she starts writing about her projects on here, I cant wait because I know she has such a passion for them. I hope you cant wait either.

Ok I saved myself for last, hmm why I am not sure. I am a very creative person yet I am a lot like my kids and not at all like my wife. What do I mean by that? Well I cant sit doing something for hours, or at-least I cant very often. I love to make jewelry more then anything else because its pretty, quick to make and always out their for people to see! Yes I like what I make to be seen. Yet I am like my kids because I am a perfectionist like my daughter and yet cant sit still like my son! So its makes it very hard. I am going to try to work on being more like my wife, yet one thing we all have in commen is having passion for what we do!

My family and I cant wait to get to know you better through our projects!

Thank you for reading.

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