Simon Wilson (Street Articles Author)

I am a cartoon illustrator and have been drawing since my early teens in both digital and traditional methods. My work has appeared on LP covers, greetings cards, posters, and shop signs. I have drawn cartoon strips and designed cartoon mascots for business as well as private and corporate caricatures. During my career I have studied numerous courses, both online and in book form. Using my extensive knowledge in this area and my network of world class illustrators for reference I will review courses, books, and ebooks through my website I live in Dorset in the UK with my Wife and two girls.

How To Draw Cartoon Characters
In recent years with the progress of character design in games and blockbuster animated movies, creating visually appealing cartoon characters has become big business. And, with ever advancing drawing and animating software such as Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator now being more affordable, (and some even free such as Gimp), it…
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