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Electronics Technician by trade. I am now in the process learning internet marketing and building a web site with the guidance of all the folks involved in Wealthy Affiliate University and Wordpress. In building this site I needed a niche. What better than what I am trying to learn. I have experience in electronics and have used the Internet daily at work and home. Now it is time to make it work really for me. I have attended Electronics Tech School, stint at the University of Nebraska. Career Electronics Technician in Military, Government, and Private Industry. I have Three children, 6 grandchildren. I am an amateur radio operator, dabble in woodcarving, watercolor painting, and photography. I also really enjoy hunting and fishing. If you have any questions you’d like to ask me, or have some input for me feel free to let me know and I’ll be happy to answer them or implement them the best I can.

Taste Home Healthy Cooking
I know to most of us the sound of the statement to taste home healthy cooking sounds pretty blah, the blah part being healthy. It is partly a mental thing. Not going to go into every little detail now, but hopefully this will give you something to think about. We…
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Affiliate Marketing Newbie
What’s it all about Newbie And that includes me. An Affiliate Marketer as it pertains to marketing on the internet receives some type of compensation for promoting a business, its products or services to a customer with some type of link from your website or blog. The ultimate goal is…
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Learn, Do, Work, Stay
I came up with these thoughts for selfish reasons, for my own support. I am using these as part of learning affiliate marketing. I know that there is a lot of pump you up information out there. Well here is what I keep track of. Hopefully it will help someone…
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