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Wjxt 4 News4jax - Tiger Scouts Meet News Team
Oh, what a night. Is it one to remember? You bet it is! It all started when the Tiger Scout Dens of Cub Scout Pack 549 met for their regular Den meeting. Den Leader Mitch Davison gathered everyone together and handed out traveling directions for the field trip to WJXT…
By:  in  News and Society   Nov 06, 2014  
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Kids And Dinosaurs
The Kids About Toys Boys both had some Dental work done recently. The dentist they go to treats kids only, and the boys like him. Anyway, Gabriel, the three year old, was finished first, he came out still glassy eyed from the knock-out drugs, with a piece of gauze and…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Early Childhood Education   Oct 02, 2014  
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Earn A Living Working at Home
Wait! Stop your searching and clicking. The opportunity you are seeking could very well be in what follows. If you will give me a few minutes of your time, I would like to show you, that it is possible to Earn a Living Working at Home. The Baby Squirrel and...…
By:  in  Home Based Business   Jul 12, 2014  
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Is geocaching for kids?
It happened one day, while, The Kids About Toys Boys, MaMa, was chatting with her friend Kenny on Facebook. Kenny mentioned he was getting ready to go Geocaching. Well, when you have two very energetic kids, it can sometimes be a challenge, finding activities that they enjoy, so, MaMa asked…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports   Jun 22, 2014  
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Everything is a Scam
I was shopping the other day and overheard a man talking to his wife. They were looking at a display of a As Seen on TV product dealing with sealing leaks. Wife: look Pete, this is what we need for the leak on the patio roof. Pete: Ha, It won't…
By:  in  Business   May 28, 2014  
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