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Internet Marketer at PhotoTrims............. PhotoTrims is the name of your ultimate image editing service provider. We are a team of expertise from Bangladesh. As an outsourcing company it is our one and only duty to deliver the best to our valued clients. We have a number of specialists who are just capable to edit any kind of Image 24/6. Now here is a quick list of our services presented by our specialists:

- Clipping Paths - Background Removal - Image Masking - Color Correction - Web Shop or E-commerce Image manipulation - Retouching or Restoration - Ghost Mannequin - Shadowing - 360 Panorama/ HDR image manipulation - Creative Designing

There are a lot more other services we provide and no matter how difficult or complex the job is, our clients never seek another option other than us. Because of our quality is that much appreciable and we use the best photo editing software to apply on our clients images. We have 60 expert designers working 24/6 by partition of time shifting, 5 consultants to support all of them and 3 shift in-chargers to maintain the several shifts one by one. It is the chain of command that makes us perfect and we are determined to do whatever it takes to maintain our best quality service always.

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General Knowledge Of Photo Editing & Retouching
What is image manipulating : Image manipulating is the synonym of Image editing. There are lot’s of effects in graphics world to put into the images. Adobe made the different type of softwares for photo editing. Illustrator, Light room, Fireworks, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Express but mostly people uses Photoshop. If…
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