Stephanie R. Coleman (Street Articles Author)

To say that Stephanie Coleman is a woman that wears many hats would be an understatement. Ms. Coleman is a career writer, published author and prominent internet marketer who, throughout her career, has always chosen to make the lives of those around her much brighter and enriched.

Stephanie has always put other’s first and she strives to help her clients maximize their online content, find high quality, sellable products and enjoy more of their own creativity in life. Her career in teaching in the Clark County School District has taught her that everyone from novice to expert can learn from one another’s experiences and benefit greatly by what she has to teach them. A student herself at Nevada State College, Stephanie is pursuing her Bachelor of Science Degree in Integrated Studies with a concentration in Business Administration.

Through her busy schedule, Stephanie has authored many articles on internet marketing, health and wellness, arts and crafts, world news and starting a home business. She has founded an arts and crafts blog, filling it with many of her own informative articles and has been the owner, operator of a small business which taught residents of various Las Vegas, Nevada senior facilities arts and crafts.

Currently, Stephanie is an affiliate marketer at "Affiliates Marketing For the Novice" where she creates content to promote and advertise products for various business owners. Stephanie also keeps review sites. On these sites, she has reviewed toys, baby stuff, diet, and fitness programs.

Stephanie Coleman has had a storied career on her way to world domination and the journey has just begun. Her presence is well known in many social and business-related circles and her reputation as a dynamic internet marketer is known by many who already owe their continued success to her for all that she has done.

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Why A Gluten Free Diet
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Woman Found After 50 Years
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