Stephanie Tofield (Street Articles Author)

I think I am an old soul. I am seldom surprised by what I witness though often saddened. I am not in love with humanity. I find my feelings about humans swing between tedium and horror with a fine sprinkling of comedy relief tempered with kindness, sometimes compassion.

I have a keen interest in small business...any small business. I'm an accountant by trade and I've been self employed for twenty-seven years looking after all things financial for 10-13 small businesses at any one time. My clients are varied and loyal. Many have been with me since the beginning. I know their businesses as well as they do and better than some.

I am co-founder and Chairman of the board of directors of the British Columbia Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse. We founded this non-profit, registered charity in 1991. In 22 years we have served on the healing journey of over nine thousand men. The waiting list continues to fill.

I also have an interest in sexual development including gender identity. I am very interested in the issues of cross-dressers both heterosexual and homosexual and transgender individuals. I am a peace-nik.

Climbing The Family Tree
I'm the last of my clan. I'm the youngest of three daughters none of whom spawned offspring. I'm IT. I'm chopping down the family tree. It wasn't for posterity's sake that I became curious about my ancestry, since there's no one post me. No, I wanted to take advantage of…
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Thoughts on Bullying
“Bully”, according to the Oxford Modern English Dictionary, refers to a person who uses strength or power to coerce others by fear. “Bully” is also to persecute by force or threats and to pressure a person to do something. There’s a movement afoot to eradicate bullying. It targets young people…
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