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I grew up in the metro Atlanta, Ga, area, and I'm still here. I have written my whole life, but never published anything. I basically have grown up with a broad imagination, and so have never really been able to focus on any one particular interest, so I go through life continually learning about anything and everything. That is my main motto, keep learning. Always broaden your sights, and expand your knowledge. You can never know enough. I have mainly put pen to paper for my own interests, and to have records of certain knowledge and ideas, and I have never really thought about making a career out of writing. But it is fun, and mind working. I'm going to school to get an MBA finance degree. Still have a ways to go, but I'll get there one day. And, I work. Yay! I have two darling little boys, my loving, supportive wife, and believe it or not, 3 cats. I love all sports, but my heart is with the ATL teams and georgia colleges (all in GA, not just UGA.)

Where Did it Go?
So how well do you know your money situation? This question needs to be asked, if not on a continual basis, at least this once. Today, it’s so easy to spend money without thinking. Credit cards, for one, let you spend instantly, on anything your heart so desires. We now…
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YOU Need Financial Planning
Financial planning isn’t something that strikes many people as exciting. It really doesn’t conjure up images of people jumping up and down with enthusiasm, as they are told that you need to sit down and figure this stuff out. Many people just ask “Why would I need any kind of…
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Drowning In Debt?
Are you drowning in debt, as they like to say? Can you never seem to get out of the slump, spending every bit of cash on minimum payments, and having to continually wrack up more debt with your credit cards? You’re not alone. According to one site, 176.8 million people…
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