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I was born in Hong Kong many many years ago. I don't even remember what time it was. Being brought up in a normal family. My parents was very poor, and they struggle to make a living. They are some of the nicest people in this world. I remembered when I was about 6 years of age. My parents tried to help a friend in need. We welcomed them to live with us. We were living in a small wooden hut - there were eight of us in our family and four of them, all living in this little hut with only 3 beds. My first lesson of kindness.

Many years later, I got married and we moved to New Zealand. There were only my wife and me in a brand new place with no friends and relatives. We managed to settle down and few more years later my son was born. We loved this nice country, clean and green. We made some new friends and we were happy, the only problem is we missed our families back in Hong Kong.

When my son was four years old,we packed up again and moved to Australia- due to some unforeseen circumstances. Australia is my home now, and my son is going to university next year. I have never regretted moving to Australia. It is one of the best country in this world, peaceful, clean and people are friendly.

I taught myself many things in my life. Like playing piano, accounting, brick laying and so on. I believe my purpose is to come to this world to experience. To learn what life is about. To love others and to enjoy life. I believe happiness is something we create by ourself, by our action and it is all in our own mind.

Lately, my new hobby is website building and affiliate marketing. I will post some more articles here if you enjoy reading it. I will tell you more about myself and what I have learnt.

Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think.


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