Steve Martaindale (Street Articles Author)

Steve Martaindale has spent the better part of his adult life working in small daily newspapers. He also took his weekly habit of writing columns into self-syndication and was carried in a handful of newspapers during an 18-year run.

Recently, however, he bailed out of both newspapers and column writing for other interests. A good starting point for keeping up with his most recent online work is his Launching Pad blog (the Blogspot link listed under My Websites).

Most notable, however, is the recent print publication of his first novel, "The Reporter, a Ferret and a Hurricane." Learn more about that on Steve's Amazon author page (the Amazon link, naturally).

Scoring Baseball: Gateway to Loving A Great Game
Scoring baseball games may be the best way to introduce the casual fan to the many fine elements of America’s pastime. Through the simple act of scoring baseball games – scorekeeping, it’s called, and games generally have an official scorekeeper – someone who thinks of baseball as a slow, boring…
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