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Steve Wise is a long time retail investor with experience in option trading, day trading stock options, trading gold online, and forex trading.

Basic Options Trading Tutorial
In this basic options trading tutorial we'll introduce the main concepts involved with option trades. Although the traders may treat this kind of security with a bit of mysticism, there really isn't a whole lot of mystery behind why leveraged trades like these are popular. Basic Options Trading Tutorial Part…
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How to Options Trade
When I learned how to options trade markets were quite a bit slower and competition was significantly less (for lack of a better word) automated. Today's market requires quite a different strategy than those of days past. Today's trader has to be less exposed in terms of duration with shorter…
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Making Money in Options
Making money in options does not come without risk, but if done well can really make a positive impact on your life and standard of living. Making Money in Options: Increasing Your Ability to Earn with Limited Capital Have you ever heard the phrase, it takes money to make money?…
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