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Vicky and I have been married for 37 years and have 2 great kids and 2 absolutely wonderful grand kids. The grand kids are a true blessing to watch and listen to. As grand parents it is amazing as to how much more time you have to spend with them, not like when we were raising our own and everything was hectic and you had to go to work. Now is our time to really enjoy.

We got started writing blogs in October 2011, so we are pretty new at it. Just viewing some of our early posts, it is pretty amazing at the difference in quality and readability of them now.

We started writing about renewable energy because we think it is a very important part of our planets future. The burning of the fossil fuels and the carbon footprint we all leave is getting out of hand. We believe that everyone can do something, no matter how large or small, to save energy. It can be something as small as making sure the lights are turned off to as big as installing solar panels to feed your home with power.

Power UP and have a great day,

Steve and Vicky

Let’s Help Preserve The Planet With Solar Panels
Energy, renewable and efficient, are held to be two ways to reduce carbon emissions. Buildings are a significant emitter of greenhouse gasses and should be a great place to start the solar panel and wind harnessing process. Solar panel water heating can be used to provide up to 70% of…
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