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Born in the USA 1963 before I was ten my entrepreneur personality had already begun by delivering newspapers and selling donuts (I ate more then I sold). Garden work and snow shoveling began in pre-teen years.

After attending a junior military academy in Virginia I went to work at 15 in a hardware store.

Always open to new opportunities I was invited to Wyoming where in the beginning I washed dishes at night and baked pizzas during the day until I started working in a saw mill. With the ability to adapt I was placed on different machines whenever needed.

With the hunger to explore and expand I wanted to go to Europe and the army was the way to do it. As a soldier in the signal corp. in Germany and through the army I attended college courses and later became a certified cabinet maker in my spare time.

Remaining in Germany I started out on the construction site with no knowledge of the German language, after 15 years of hard work in a cabinet shop and kitchen installation I attended school once again. After two and half years at 41 years old under the intense German striving for detail education system became a certified architectural draftsman.

I am now currently working in export for one of the top 5 Kitchen manufactures in Europe drafting and planning kitchens for showrooms and projects worldwide.

Now it’s time to set out on my own and the internet is my platform.

The fact that I was diagnosed once as a paranoid schizophrenia and 1 year later as bipolar manic depressive back in 1990 and 1991 is and has never been a reason to not succeed at anything I put my heart into.

Success and Failure are Good Business Partners
One small step may be the beginning of many leaps and bounds that can take you even further to the hoped for goal. It is somewhat yin and yang or as some might say, it is bi-polar to speak of steps and leaps in the same breath. Yet our humanity does have…
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Leaders that Break the Rules by Following
Following the rules is expected from those who are following, except for the leaders; they make their own rules and leadership is dictated by the rules of those who follow. This opening statement may appear contradictory but bear with me and it will make absolute sense. A leader cannot lead with out followers; it…
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