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Steve Martin is a 20+ year Manager and Small Business Owner, and ex-aviation physiology lecturer/instructor. He is very passionate about and is constantly researching all aspects of small business. Steve enjoys helping other business owners overcome the issues of running a business, and helping people who would like to buy a business or get into business. To learn more about small business (or Steve), please go to

How to Purchase A Business - 9 Great Tips
For those people wanting to learn how to purchase a business, now is arguably the best time in history to be in the market to buy a business. Small business transactions have seen slight increases in the past couple of years, which isn't good news for those selling businesses, but…
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Marketing A Small Business According to Einstein
It is amazing what you can learn about marketing and consumer buying behaviors in general from all sorts of folks who may not even be marketers. Even my sixteen year-old daughter has given me some brilliant insights on marketing in small business; how to market specific items in my store…
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Start Small Business the Right Way
Many people dream of going into business, which is a good thing! Small businesses are the mainstay of the world economy, so you could consider going into going into business a noble ambition. There is a huge amount of satisfaction on knowing how to start a store so you are…
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Skills For Customer Service
Many business owners wonder how they can grow their sales and, given the state of the economy, if it is even feasible to do so at this point-in-time. Or... maybe their company's current level of sales are adequate, but the owner wonders how long this good fortune will last. Possibly…
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Guide To Entrepreneurship And Business Management Principles
Having owned and run businesses for many years now, one thing I see is most small business owners and would-be small business owners have a rough idea of how their world should be run, but unfortunately many have a serious lack of guiding business principles. The same could be said…
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