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Good Children Musicals
Musicals are shows whereby there is a good sprinkling of song and dance routines in between the show. Musicals are very enjoyable, as a few aspects of art, particularly acting, singing and dancing are all intertwined together to create a beautiful 'showcase'. There are musicals which are specifically targeted for…
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Games To Develop Numeracy Skills In Children
Numeracy is defined as mathematical skills required to help us perform calculations, solve problems, make logical deductions, process information and interpret data. It is a basic life skill as we use it in our daily lives, be it in the supermarket, in school, at the office, at home, just about…
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Learning Chinese Through Games
The Chinese language or sometimes known as Mandarin, is not a very easy subject to learn, as there are over 80,000 Chinese characters (or words), although not all of them are often used. So how then, can we capture the interest of young children to learn a language that is…
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Can Babies and Toddlers Learn to Read
Many parents invariably shake their heads when this question is posed to them. I also belonged to this camp, a naysayer when it came to early reading for kids....until my daughter proved me wrong when she was 2+ years old! When she was 2, I picked up a book by…
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Torn Between Work And Kids
Are you a working mother with huge responsibilities at work, yet trying to manage the fort at home to the best of your ability? Have you ever felt torn between work and kids, knowing your preference is to be with your little ones at home, but you have an obligation…
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