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After 3 major surgeries for Crohn's disease, 1 in 1998 & 2 in 1999 I believed I was unemployable and looked for something I could build into a business where I was my own boss. I became interested in balloon decorating and after a year of intensive training learning all aspects of the balloon industry I started my balloon decorating company in 2000 and passed the Certified Balloon Artist (CBA) exams in 2001. The business evolved, at customer request, into a online shop selling balloons and decorations to enable the customer to save money by doing it themselves and supplying instructions on how to do things for those wanting or needing to learn.

With the possibility of future Crohn's flair ups hanging over me and the likelihood or further surgeries I learnt to control my symptoms with a change of diet. Wanting to learn more about the relationship between food, allergies and disease I then completed training as a Raw Food Coach in 2007 and a Food Intolerance Therapist in 2008.

I was then torn as to which direction to take. There were two options I could either train as a Naturopathic Nutritionist or as a Juice Therapist and after much deliberation I decided to go for both! Apart from a 4 day residential workshop with Jason Vale the rest of the Juice Therapist course was distance learning so although it was going to be hard going, doing both at the same time was just about do-able! Unfortunately, as it does, life got in the way and 20 months into the 2 year courses I was faced with family commitments that forced me to give them both up and I was unable to complete either of them. However, on the positive side, I have acquired lots of knowledge that I am willing and able to share!

Big Idea Mastermind Review
I decided to do a Big Idea Mastermind review myself after I was getting so many conflicting reviews about it while searching online. I accidently stumbled across Vick Strizheus (the founder of Big Idea Mastermind) while searching for ways to pick a good Clickbank product to promote. I watched a…
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Whole Fruit Juicer
If you are new to the juicing world you have probably been hearing and reading a lot about the huge health benefits of juicing and realise that to get all these terrific benefits you are going to need to get a juicer. There as so many different ones to chose…
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Wall E Fat Society - A Story Or A Prediction
Was Wall-e just a fun children's story or was there some kind of subliminal warning intended? The film sparked some controversy at the time as people were commenting on the fact that Wall-e made fun of fat people but if it was intended as a warning it doesn't really seem…
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Need A New Juicer?
There are several different reasons that you might be looking to buy a new juicer but one thing is for sure, you will be looking to buy one that is the best juicer for you, one that fits your needs and your pocket, by following these simple steps you will…
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What is A Diabetic Diet?
So, what is a diabetic diet? Simply put it’s a diet to help you stabilise your blood sugar. When your blood sugar gets out of control this is when you are in danger of becoming a diabetic. Diabetes is one of the modern diseases. The word disease originally came from…
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Juice Master Diet
The Juice Master diet is a 7 day juice diet/feast which was created by Jason Vale, aka the Juice Master, that gives you all the nutrients you need while allowing you to cleanse your system. This diet has become known as the Juice Master Diet. I first come across The…
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Died Too Young
They say that the only thing that we can be sure of in life is that we will die. We all hope to have a long and fulfilled life and for many of us that is achievable. Some however will leave before they have achieved all they wanted to before…
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PC Rathband - Goodbye to A Hero
PC Darren Rathband, the twin brother of PC David Rathband, had flown from Australia where he lives to attend the memorial service of his brother who was found hanged at his home in Northumbria, England on February 29th 2012. PC David Rathband clocked on for duty at the police station…
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Tango 190 - PC David Rathband
With the help of Tony Horne, his ghost writer PC David Rathband wrote Tango 190 - The Gateshead shootings and the hunt for Raoul Moat. Tango 190 is his story from 3rd July 2010 when he started the shift that saw him blinded with a shotgun by Raoul Moat through…
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Car Bows - How To Decorate Your Wedding Car
When you are getting married you really want everyone to know that this is your special day so the best thing to do is to decorate your car with car bows and ribbon and then as your car is driven down the road everyone will immediately realise that this is…
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