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After 3 major surgeries for Crohn's disease, 1 in 1998 & 2 in 1999 I believed I was unemployable and looked for something I could build into a business where I was my own boss. I became interested in balloon decorating and after a year of intensive training learning all aspects of the balloon industry I started my balloon decorating company in 2000 and passed the Certified Balloon Artist (CBA) exams in 2001. The business evolved, at customer request, into a online shop selling balloons and decorations to enable the customer to save money by doing it themselves and supplying instructions on how to do things for those wanting or needing to learn.

With the possibility of future Crohn's flair ups hanging over me and the likelihood or further surgeries I learnt to control my symptoms with a change of diet. Wanting to learn more about the relationship between food, allergies and disease I then completed training as a Raw Food Coach in 2007 and a Food Intolerance Therapist in 2008.

I was then torn as to which direction to take. There were two options I could either train as a Naturopathic Nutritionist or as a Juice Therapist and after much deliberation I decided to go for both! Apart from a 4 day residential workshop with Jason Vale the rest of the Juice Therapist course was distance learning so although it was going to be hard going, doing both at the same time was just about do-able! Unfortunately, as it does, life got in the way and 20 months into the 2 year courses I was faced with family commitments that forced me to give them both up and I was unable to complete either of them. However, on the positive side, I have acquired lots of knowledge that I am willing and able to share!

Getting Business Online - The Internet Never Sleeps
The beauty of the internet is that it is there 24/7 whether you are or not. If you have a shop in the High Street it is only open when you or a paid member of staff is there to serve your customers and opening longer hours won't guarantee that…
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Amazon Kindle
In the UK a vacuum cleaner is very often called a hoover as Hoover, the brand, made one of the first popular domestic vacuum cleaners and although today people buy all different makes of vacuum cleaners they still refer to them as a hoover. In the same vein an Amazon…
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PC David Rathband - Who Really Killed Him?
On 4th July 2010, PC David Rathband was a normal policeman out doing his job. Everyone was on a higher alert because there was a killer on the loose with a shotgun. Raoul Moat, who had recently been released from prison had killed his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend the…
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Candy Buffet Tables
A very popular treat for weddings and parties is a candy buffet table. A candy buffet is a selection of sweet treats that can be themed to your event. Ideally you will want to have a reasonable selection of sweets and candies presented in decorative glasses and jars, you might…
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Chocolate Fountain Instructions - Getting Ready
If you are thinking of having a chocolate fountain for your next party you might be wondering if you should pay someone to set up and man it for you or do it all yourself. In order to make an educated decision you could probably do with some chocolate fountain…
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Chocolate Fountain Instructions - Cleaning Up Afterwards
Some chocolate fountain hire companies will pick up the dirty machine afterwards and clean it for you but if you are having to do this yourself then once your party is over the cleaning up begins. Now chocolate fountains aren't the nicest of things to clean but these instructions should…
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The London Riots
The riots that took place in London from 6th - 10th August 2011 are fairly old news now but the courts are still dealing with the people that were arrested on those nights and those subsequently arrested later after the police had studied the CCTV footage from cameras in the…
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Chocolate Fountain Dips
There is definitely nothing to compare with the enticing aroma of warm melting chocolate and now you have made the decision to have a chocolate fountain at your party you will now need to decide what foods you are going to choose to dip into the chocolate. Most companies will…
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Philips Hr1861 Whole Fruit Juicer
Philips itself is the World’s No1 Juicer brand so when I heard that the Philips HR1861 Whole Fruit Juicer has been a best seller for over 2 years and has been winning lots of top awards I decided to check it out further: The first thing I wanted to look…
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Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations
This year, 2012, is Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee Year, as she has now been the Queen of the UK and the Commonwealth for 60 years. Queen Elizabeth is only the second British monarch to make it to the Diamond Jubilee, the other being Queen Victoria who reigned for 64…
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