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After 3 major surgeries for Crohn's disease, 1 in 1998 & 2 in 1999 I believed I was unemployable and looked for something I could build into a business where I was my own boss. I became interested in balloon decorating and after a year of intensive training learning all aspects of the balloon industry I started my balloon decorating company in 2000 and passed the Certified Balloon Artist (CBA) exams in 2001. The business evolved, at customer request, into a online shop selling balloons and decorations to enable the customer to save money by doing it themselves and supplying instructions on how to do things for those wanting or needing to learn.

With the possibility of future Crohn's flair ups hanging over me and the likelihood or further surgeries I learnt to control my symptoms with a change of diet. Wanting to learn more about the relationship between food, allergies and disease I then completed training as a Raw Food Coach in 2007 and a Food Intolerance Therapist in 2008.

I was then torn as to which direction to take. There were two options I could either train as a Naturopathic Nutritionist or as a Juice Therapist and after much deliberation I decided to go for both! Apart from a 4 day residential workshop with Jason Vale the rest of the Juice Therapist course was distance learning so although it was going to be hard going, doing both at the same time was just about do-able! Unfortunately, as it does, life got in the way and 20 months into the 2 year courses I was faced with family commitments that forced me to give them both up and I was unable to complete either of them. However, on the positive side, I have acquired lots of knowledge that I am willing and able to share!

Could Balloon Releases Be Banned?
There has been a lot of controversy over balloon releases and the effects on wildlife and the environment. They are portrayed as causing death to creatures from land, air and sea as well as causing littering. I agree that all these things are happening but it is almost definitely due…
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Saving The British Economy
Politics isn't something that I usually get into discussions about, after all these types of discussions nearly always turn into arguments because people tend to have very strong thoughts on the subject and very rarely change their mind. However, on this occasion I will make an exception because I really…
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Carrot Juice Recipes
People often ask for a carrot juice recipe but have you tried your carrot juice straight? It's pretty good! Carrots are quite a sweet vegetable so don't really need fruits added to them to make them more palatable like you would with other vegetables. However we all love cocktails too…
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Party Event Planning In the UK
So you have been given the job of party event planning, or perhaps someone has volunteered you, but where do you start? Well you can’t really begin to plan anything until you have a venue and a date for the party but first you must decide on a budget. You…
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Event Planning Online In the UK
If you have an event coming up in the UK that you need to organise then the easiest way to achieve this would be to do as much of your event planning online as possible. Unless you are a naturally organised person or an event planner then just the thought…
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How to Eat Five a Day
We all know that we should eat at least 5 portions a day of fruit and vegetables every day but no-one really tells us how to eat five a day. Many people can get through three meals and a couple of snacks every day without a sniff of a piece…
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