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Being a citizen from the world makes me want to help to make this place a better one. With every piece of info I can give.
Deep House Cleaning
Have you been delaying the fact that your home is well over due for a clean? That the house is needing a good over all clean and organizing for the summer months of guest visits and bbq's ahead? Is it that time for a Deep House Spring Cleaning? When you…
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Deadliest US Tornado In 60 Years
The searching for survivors in Joplin Missouri has started and people are coming from the neighboring towns to help. This has been the worse and deadliest U.S. tornado in 60 years. 30 percent of Joplin building's are gone and the death toll is at 122 and expecting to rise. Some…
By:  in  News and Society   May 31, 2011  
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Semi Precious Stones Jewelry
KenSu Semi Precious Stones Jewelry was created with the intention to design something special with the Light vibrating out of every jewelry piece. We started KenSu Semi Precious Stones Jewelry by the end of 2007. The name KenSu, which is Kendra and Suheiwa put together, is a Japanese word meaning;…
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Heart Silver Necklace
Before I designed this silver heart necklace, I looked around in my inventory and I could not find any good ideas. This heart silver necklace is hand carved, and charming, with a message of Love. How did I come to design it? I designed this heart pendant as a gift…
By:  in  Self Improvement   May 18, 2011  
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Osho On
A day that I read a book from Osho, is a day that I am in Love with existence and with myself. At times it feels that Mystics like Osho, Buddha, Jesus and other Enlightened Masters have been living with me since I have been born. Do you hear the…
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Silver Jewelry 925
I wanted to order this silver jewelry 925 bracelet as a retirement gift for a group of friends, but after seeing it I wanted one for myself. It is a nice weight and looks like much more for it than it actually cost's. As a matter of fact after everyone…
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Handmade Jewelry Made With Recycled Gold And Silver
Handmade jewelry can be made with your recycled silver and gold jewelry. Maybe this inspires you to melt down the silver and gold that is sitting in your house with no use. Handmade silver jewelry is produced and sold widely in the East. You can find machine made silver jewelry…
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