Sunci (Street Articles Author)

Hello how do you do! My name is Sunci. I was born in Split, Croatia in 6of december 1983, and have lived between England and Croatia most of my life.

I am an artist and have graduated fine art studies at St Martins College of Art and design in London.

My exhibitions and passion for adventure, the sea ,nature, and art, have taken me to many beautiful places, I have had the pleasure of meeting some extravagant characters, and so I started writing to honour and remember both the people and events encountered.

The majority of my stories are wirten about events I have experienced or where inspired by something real and than exaggerated a little for humours sake. The style of writing is playful, I'm trying to write in a juicy way, playing with words, to entertain myself and my readers, and not in a dry academic style. I am a columnist for a Croatian newspaper column called The Black Fly.

My aim is to write enough stories, practice writing to eventually figure out how to wirte a book .

Best regards!.


An Exotic Breed - the Croatian Sheppard
Have you ever seen a dog who looks like black sheep but has the face of a wolf? It is not a mythological being, it does exist. The breed is called the Croatian-Sheppard and its one of the most fun loving dog breeds. Its not well known breed in the…
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The Antiques Book Shop
Out side my window and across the street lies a small antique book shop. The sign is hand painted and it is obvious the books shop is loved but it looks rather humble and as if no one ever visits. One enters from the street and must descend down marble…
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American Sailor Boy And the Great Pirate Escape
I am in Marina Portoroz - Slovenia. The glass of golden wine is full of reflections of boat masts. It's, six o'clock, the sun sets, a working day is over, for now. Captains to the docked boats , open a beer, light a cigarette, but once they sit down to…
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Ton Of Cat
This is the season when thousands of heavy pregnant cats waddle and ripple along the streets. That is a type od animal not at all intrigued by sparrows, nor geckos, those enormous beasts are shaped like heavy duty lorries and they sprawl about on watch like the bouncers of their…
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In the Belly Of Mother Earth
Having dediced to illustrate the little known Slavic mythology for my next exhibition, I am reading recently published books which extracted myths form old songs, to discover that Slavic mythology has many similarities with the Greek and Celtic, even Egyptian which I have read upon for years. It has a…
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