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My name is SunShine Dimmitt and I am married with five kids. I have recently started my own business with my husband. We are looking to make some extra money and have fun together while doing it. We started an online gift store simply called Chuck and Sunnys. I graduated from High School after doing mail correspondence. I enjoy reading the Bible, playing with my kids, and spending time with my husband. My picture is when I was younger and more photogenic-haha! I am now 36 and loving every minute of it! I would like to get to know you all better and have you visit my website and let me know what you think!

Chuck And Sunnys Gift Store
I would like to take some time and discuss a small business and the trials that I am going through. I have an online gift store that I am trying to get started with little success. My husband suggested more exposure through different advertising. I am willing to try anything…
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