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Call It Energy Wastage Not Energy Efficiency – Step 1 In Energy Management
Have you ever witnessed, measured or read about any quantitative values of energy being wasted around you, in your country or in the world??? Definitely not. We get all sorts of figures regarding efficiency, but none regarding energy wasted. The reason lies in the bad image created by “using the…
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Bi - Fuel Natural Gas Vehicles Are Close To Hybrids
Natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels available for fueling your vehicles. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) has been available in the market for quite some time, however people are not very enthusiastic to buy a CNG vehicle or get their gasoline or diesel powered vehicle converted to bi-fuel…
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A Modular Approach to Green Living for Households
The people around the world are gradually but surely changing over to green energy sources also known as alternate or renewable energy sources. The most common green energy sources for households are solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy. For heating purposes the changeover to solar energy is quite rapid…
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