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Vegetable gardening is my passion, has been for most of my life. I love to experiment with new growing methods, new teaching methods, new placements, all things new. After a short break from it due to personal reasons, I am again ready to start teaching and growing and eating! I have had a lot of questioning about why I don't have flower beds all in my yard - the real reason is I believe that if I can't eat it I won't grow it. Not to say I might someday have my mind changed! I have a few more rabbits in my hat, will be thinking water for the next gardening experiment.

Vegetable Gardening Layout Tips - 3 Important Things to Consider
While planting your own vegetable garden might seem like a great idea, most people really do not know where to start. Preparing your layout before you plant will make the job at hand much more pleasurable and assure that your plants grow and thrive - not to mention give you…
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Container Grown Tomatoes
If you have never grown a vegetable garden and you would like to start, container grown tomatoes are the perfect choice to learn. Tomatoes are very hardy (and forgiving) plants for the beginner. They need only three things to make them thrive - and make you a successful gardener. First…
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Container Gardening Benefits for the Newest Generation
Container gardening is becoming more and more popular with the shrinking of our grow space and loss of our time. Right now we are losing both at a very fast pace, so the future will belong in the hands of our children. Why not make container gardening a great learning…
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