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My name is Terrell Johnson. I am currently a college student majoring in business management. I have a mild experience in online marketing. I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I am currently the owner of CarPartLot.com, BetterHealthLifestyles.com, and AllTogetherShop.com. I look forward to learning new ways in marketing with my business. Also to help others with the best of my knowledge. For more about me you can find me on Facebook at Terrell Johnson, Twitter at tjohnson1827, and LinkedIn at Terrell Johnson. I look forward in WA community and I wish everyone the best.

Apples As A Natural Diet Suppressant
There are so many products, services, advertisements, guarantees, and all other sort of ways to persuade consumers on how to lose weight. Still how would that guarantee you the results that you want without any negative side effects? There are some healthy alternatives to help reduce your diet like apples.…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Weight Loss   Sep 17, 2012  
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The Best Ways To Keep A Car Running
Imagine yourself getting ready for work. You got dressed, ate your breakfast, had a cup of coffee and you head to your car. You try to start it, but it won’t start. You try to find all access for transportation, but you can’t find any help and you missed work.…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Repairs   Sep 14, 2012  
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Building Muscles Fast Overrated
Through the media you will find tips and tricks on how to build muscles fast. Sure who doesn’t want to have the best results as soon as possible? The thing that needs focus is the quality you put within the time to sustain your fitness goals. The purpose of my…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Build Muscle   Sep 13, 2012  
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