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I am a 29 year old personal trainer and have had years of experience when in comes down to the science of muscle growth and knowledge of the human body. Equipped with a bachelor's in exercise science, I'm the perfect candidate to get you on your path to success. To Me Working out is not something to do for looks, yet something greater, something to test the physical limits of the body and mental limits of our minds. Train with heart and passion and always remember: EAT, TRAIN, GAIN!

How To Build Muscle: Best Workouts to Gain Weight!
When learning how to build muscle, the key part in the equation is to do the correct exercises when wanting to gain a lot of mass fast! What most people don't know is that one can't just go into the gym, do 100 bicep curls,100 leg extensions, and 100 pushups…
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Top 10 Foods to Build Muscle
With so many different types of food available to you in stores, it can be confusing when it comes to choosing the top foods to help build muscle. This is why I've came up with a list of the best choices to make when learning how to pack on lean…
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