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I have had it with spending large sums of money on systems yet taking months to learn the system and how to market it. It does not make sense to spend hundreds of dollars when you are still learning and not actually making any income. I have been involved in work from home opportunities for over five years. I was once naive and jumped at those scams that took from the newbies and gave to the early members, only to close down 6 months later. This one really hurt the bank account. Joined other opportunities that had no real product or service, simply showed you how to market the website. I decided that I needed to focus on only free or extremely cheap to join opportunities. I want to help provide free resources to anyone that has a home or small business that needs an Internet presence. I will be providing insights/tips etc here and in my blog on tools that I have tried. My 15+ years of corporate life in IT has always focused on customer satisfaction and process improvements. Training has also been a passion for me. I hope to provide the same with the information I post here.

Here's is to your success in all that you do.

The Free Stuff Guy

Work From Home Business Selection Criteria
I have been trying opportunities of all sorts over the last 5 + years. I have paid hundreds up front and had to up to $147/month to stay enrolled. I then had to encourage people to do the same. However, in such a strained economy, there are so many that…
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