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I amaze myself sometimes with how many things I have tried this year - sometimes all at once. I might have yogurt on the go, bread rising, and some jam waiting to be made. I really need to cut back on this multitasking - but it's fun and the results are delicious and healthy . Its fantastic to be able to go to the pantry and pull out something you have made yourself - often with produce your have grown yourself. Several years ago we "retired" to the country, retired on steroids is what it sometimes feels like! But there is more time to experiment, to enjoy garden goodies, make jams, pickles, try out very old recipes, very new recipes and make everything using fresh ingredients from scratch in our own kitchen. We have a large herb garden and use this for cooking, healing ourselves and adding spice to our life and have found there is almost nothing you can buy that you can't make at home and usually better and more tastier. There is nothing like knowing where your food comes from and what is in it. My mother's favorite saying was "what you eat today, walks and talks tomorrow" and we used to laugh at her. Take a look at what you eat and see if you can either grow your own food or buy close to home, fresh, from farmers markets or local providers to experience the difference fresh makes to your life.
Home Made Pasta Sauce Recipe, Quick And Easy
Background: Feeling lethargic tonight and wanting something quick, easy and tasty and having no energy or inclination to whizz down to the local takeaway, we lay around and discussed the possibility of actually venturing off the sofa and moving in the general direction of the kitchen whilst leisurely sipping a…
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Marinated Braised Beef with Cucumber- Wok Recipe
Another Yummy, scrummy Wok recipe for tasty beef and cucumber - Wok cooking can almost become addictive. If you haven't got one, then get one right now and treat yourself to fast food Asian style - fresh, delicious and succulent morsels of food that are good for you too. This…
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Make Your Own Pasta and Taste The Difference
Ever thought about making pasta in your own home? Your own steaming bowl of freshly made pasta or noodles might just be minutes away, waiting for your finishing touch. Its so quick and easy to do and you can save some to dry and store for a quick meal later.…
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