The Produce Chick (Street Articles Author)

I have been working in the Produce Industry for the past 15 years, selling fruits & vegetables to national retailers. This career has led me to understanding the nutritional values which produce has, not only for healthy diets and weight loss, but also for the prevention of certain medical conditions. Through the knowledge I gained in my career, as well as through my own journey for a healthier lifestyle, I began teaching and writing about the many health benefits which fruits and vegetables can provide us.

My hope is that I can help others in their quest for a healthier living; whether it be to lose weight, to incorporate more produce in everyday meals or even to learn to live life a little greener.

Water & Weight Loss
There have been case studies, which have indicated that the addition of water can help you lose weight, and others which contradict those studies. I can search the internet all day and try to find information to prove or disprove the fact that water does help with weight loss. But…
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Social Media & Weight Loss
Like many of you, I find myself on my iPhone, iPad, & Laptop, numerous times throughout the day. If I’m not sitting in front of the screen working, I’m normally surfing the net looking for healthy recipes for the evening meal, or, I am probably checking out sites on weight…
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Fruit That's In Season
What’s In Season? With today’s imports, we have the luxury of getting product from all around the world in a matter of days. This holds true for produce as well. So, so many choices, how do we know what fruit is in season? To make things more confusing, did you…
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How to Pick Produce
Ever wonder how to tell if a watermelon is ripe? How to tell if the peaches you are about to purchase will be sweet enough to eat when you get home? Do you squeeze the fruit? Smell it? Shake it? How many of you just feel like a fool in…
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Sexy Fruit!
Want a little more enjoyment from your food? Why not try starting with the fruits your eating? Now, I’m not talking about taking strawberries dipped in chocolate straight to the bedroom. Although, paired with a glass of champagne, they do seem to arouse a sense of seduction and desire. What…
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The Health Benefits Of Fruits & Vegetables
Health Benefits Of Fruits & Vegetables Introducing more fruits and vegetables as part of your daily healthy eating plans can increase your chances of losing weight, and will ultimately lead you towards a more improved lifestyle. It’s no secret that fruits and vegetables are healthy for us. Many are even…
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International Longshoreman Prepare to Strike
As the International Longshoreman Association (ILA) prepares to strike, the East Coast will need to prepare itself for yet another economic blow. Many along the Eastern seaboard have still not been able to recover from the devastation to which Hurricane Sandy inflicted on them, and now, just days before the…
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Tips to Surviving the Holidays While Dieting
When trying to lose weight, or maintain a healthy diet plan, the holidays can certainly put a damper on your good intentions. Temptations are high for about two non-stop months. Those temptations can cause many to fall, and make excuses to start over once the festivities are over. But what’s…
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Best Vitamins & Supplements To Lose Weight
Everyday, there are new claims about a miracle pill, or product which, can help you lose weight. There are so many of these statements being made, it can become confusing as to just which one has been proven to help with weight loss, or, if the newest one has just…
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