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I have been exposed to settlement of squabbles,quarrels and outright physical fights among married couples since my chilhood. I saw elders and incidental consellors listen to account of serious family troubles and how they would eventually be resolved. Infact, I even recorded some of those reconciliation sessions on my small tape recorder without knowing what I was doing then. How would I have known then, that I was unconciously working towards a future of advising people all over the world on how to resolve conflicts in relationships. I know human beings are quite complex and difficult to understand but over the last 25 years of observation and study,I can confidently say that most problems are solvable especially where both parties are willing to put in sincere effort.

Tips For Getting Through A Love Break Up With Little Pain
Yes, you will need to truly answer this question; Are you in love? It is almost always certain that break ups are painful where you are in love with your boyfriend. If you do not truly love him, then you may not feel anything. But if you love him then,…
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