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I recently made a career shift from active corporate duty to having more time to myself. I am a qualified pilot, but fly mostly radio controlled model airplanes now and love nature, reading and traveling. I also love the Goons. I am an inveterate student of success, or the reasons for it. I can walk past anything except a book store.

Out Of Control Mind
The World reacted with shock and horror at the breaking news of another innocent female death. On Valentine’s Day, 2013 Oscar Pistorius (26) shot and killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp (29) in his home in Pretoria, South Africa. Pistorius is a double amputee who lost his legs at a very…
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The Power Of The Mind
It is said that the average human being uses only about ten percent, or less, of his or her mind power during his or her lifespan. Think about that for a moment. Your mind is responsible for everything you have done, reached and achieved in your life up to now.…
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