TheSupraholic (Street Articles Author)

I'm Ames, I'm very crafty and love cars (hence the u/n Supraholic.) I know two really different directions of interest in one person, but that's what makes me me and I'm proud of it!

I'm very new to the blogging scene so please forgive my poor sentence structure as I'v been neglecting that area since I'v been out of school. I hope to write many articles that inspire and help people every day whether it be on Street Articles, my website ( and many other blogging/article platforms. (:

Why I Love to Diy
I Love to DIY (do it yourself) because.... well probably because I'm cheap (lol) BUT other than that its because I love the feeling of satisfaction you have when you tell a friend or acquaintance "yeah I did it myself!" With DIY you can make something unique to your taste,…
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