Thimo (Street Articles Author)

Hi, my name is Thimo. I´m interested in martial arts, fitness and health since I was a small child. I´m teaching Qi Gong and Taijiquan in Germany and I wanna help people, through my website and street articles, to understand those arts better, so they can make a positive change in their life.

Methods to Train Your Awareness
Awareness is an ability that can change your life drastically. It changes the way you look at, hear, feel and think about the world. Over time it can enrich your life through more satisfaction through your every day activities. Here are some ervery day methods to train your awareness: Taste…
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Why Negative Experiences And Emotions Have Such A Big Influence on Us
Many of us try to turn their life around with methods like positive thinking or different types of meditation. Still it is very hard to turn old patterns of behaviour into fresh, positive ones. Why is that? Stuck Emotions Negative Experiences or emotions like anger and grief stay often much…
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