ThisIsFredSmith (Street Articles Author)

I want to see people win. I LOVE to see people win. My mindset is simple- there's enough wealth and abundance to go around for everyone.

I discovered a long time ago that most people aren't achieving the success they want because of hidden barriers and conditioning established long before they were on this planet, which contributes toward a feeling of learned helplessness and a scarcity mindset. So, when most people begin the journey learning how to make money online, even if they got lucky with their success, most people lose it because they didn't understand the mechanics behind their winning.

Success is a skill, and the cool thing about skills is they can be learned. That's why I have no problem sharing what I know and I challenge and encourage you to not believe a word I ever say. Become a walking question mark, and you will soon discover your own truth and your own formula for success.

Please please please challenge me and reach out. I'm a simple guy and I'm the same person on and off the clock. My truth is I have a unique ability to see complex things and simplify them. This ability has enabled to me to serve countless people and companies online and offline in the fields of marketing, sales, and leadership.

I don't say these things to impress you, just impress upon you that I want to leave a legacy of serving others behind. If I can rise from the inner city to become a respected authority, I believe anyone else can do it. One thing I know for certain is no one can say I haven't live what I'm talking about. And because of this simple truth- I live it, so I know it.

Please take your time and go through my articles on how to make money online marketing. As I'm building this out, please contact me if there's any subject matter you'd specifically like to see. I don't want to write just for the sake of writing, I believe in answering questions because, in my world, clarity drives results.

Thank you for taking your precious time out to read this bio.


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