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When Thomas is not busy talking in the third person(such as now) he is busy building and marketing websites. His two current pet projects are a website that shows people how to make legit money online through consistent effort and dedication. His other website that he maintains is dedicated to informing people who are interested in wet shaving about where they can buy straight razors. He also posts his thoughts/comments/musings on various aspects related to straight razors and wet shaving.
Octomom Bikini Pictures - Yes, You Read That Correctly
I can't say that I'm one to follow pop culture, current events, or even tv shows. I'm pretty much oblivious to most things mainstream. However, I am starting to see why people might just pay attention to the news. I vaguely heard about Nadya Suleman awhile back when she gave…
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Not Enough Closet Space? A Simple Solution
Not Enough Closet Space Whether you just moved into a smaller place or have bought a house with a small closet, not enough closet space can be pretty annoying. There are lots of different products out there. A lot of the products focus on utilizing the space you have in…
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How To Clean Your Room
Cleaning your room can be daunting especially if you have been letting stuff pile up for months on end. I will tell you how I clean my room and hopefully you will glean a few tips on how to clean your room. 1) Go From Top To Bottom Start with…
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