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My name is Tim Bashista and I just love being in the outdoors. Of course writing, I love to wright about well just about anything. At the moment I am getting a kick out of bringing all of you a load of golfing information on legends, how to, and golf equipment. I am not he best golfer, but I do enjoy the game and talking golf. Since most of my enjoyment comes from the outdoors and I am very passionate about the enviroment and what we are doing to mother nature. We need to treat our world better than we do, or the consenquences are going to be more than we can handle. Another passion is fishing and camping, cannot get enough of the outdoors. I will be getting into passing on information on fishing at some time. What a better way to pass on your knowledge and learn more about my passions at the same time looking into my passions makes me a better golfer and a better angler. Why not pass it on... I have been involved in Internet marketing for some time now and I am really liking what I see glad I started with it. Thats about it, I am just like you and average guy getting along the best way I know how. To all good luck in your adventures.

If You Do It You’re Killing Your Child
With all we know about smoking currently, it amazes me that smokers still don’t get it. Second hand smoke can cause your children harm. I stand looking out the front window, I can’t believe I am seeing what I see, a women driving, window down a crack her kid next…
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Is This A Real Career
I have been asked many times is this a real career, online marketing most think it is just fooling around on the computer. I have to say to them yes it is, just like any other career. The nerve of people asking if working online is a career, as what…
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How Many Words Are Enough For SEO
It has come up in some discussions as of late, on how many words are enough for optimum SEO. SEO is something that I to strive do have done on my sites. I had to go off and do some research on this subject to see what was the magic…
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First Steps to Starting An Online Business
You have decided you are going to start your own business, and you are thinking of doing this online. What are the first steps to starting an online business you may ask, let us take a look what is involved. The Niche First things first you need to get yourself…
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Planning for Retirement Your 40
Your married have a few great kids and a decent home and you still have your health, great. It is not too early to start planning for retirement your 40 and your not going to get any younger. What Comes Next Are your kids going to college or university? Kids…
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Ideas For Writing An Article
You have started your training and have been moving along nicely so far, you have your site set up, you have your main kw indexed now it is time to add some content and watch your site rise in the ranks. First, you need some ideas for writing an article,…
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Anchor Text And Back Links
With all these animals crawling all over, Google lately, you have to ask yourself what direction to take now that doesn’t get you in trouble with Google. Is it still feasible to use anchor text and back links, I say yes it is. Anchor Text Anchor text is text that…
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Retire Young Not Old
Isn’t it every ones dream to retire young not old, think of how that would be retired at 35-40? A dream come true for most of us, can it really be done or is it just a dream. To be able to take that trip around the world and take…
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Training The Older Worker
Wow, it has come to this we are the older worker how the hell did that happen weren’t we just young a few years ago. We have succumbed to looking forward to the new batch of government programs, for training the older worker, hey isn’t that biased. Not sure about…
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Importance Of Search Rankings
There is one thing I cannot stress enough is the importance of search rankings in your marketing campaigns. Being on the first page or in the first place on the first page are going to get you traffic coming to your site. In turn, you will be making sales and…
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