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My name is Tim Bashista and I just love being in the outdoors. Of course writing, I love to wright about well just about anything. At the moment I am getting a kick out of bringing all of you a load of golfing information on legends, how to, and golf equipment. I am not he best golfer, but I do enjoy the game and talking golf. Since most of my enjoyment comes from the outdoors and I am very passionate about the enviroment and what we are doing to mother nature. We need to treat our world better than we do, or the consenquences are going to be more than we can handle. Another passion is fishing and camping, cannot get enough of the outdoors. I will be getting into passing on information on fishing at some time. What a better way to pass on your knowledge and learn more about my passions at the same time looking into my passions makes me a better golfer and a better angler. Why not pass it on... I have been involved in Internet marketing for some time now and I am really liking what I see glad I started with it. Thats about it, I am just like you and average guy getting along the best way I know how. To all good luck in your adventures.

Golf Rangefinder Review - Laser Rangefinders
I have been doing some research on laser rangefinders because I really need a helpful tool on the course to help reduce my strokes. There are also models using GPS technology on the market, they seem to need a membership and with fee’s attached, right away not for me. Therefore,…
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Bob Hope Classic Golf Tournament
Arnold Palmer and Bob Hope win the 1962 Palm Springs Classic. Originally, The Classic's name was the Thunderbird Invitational back in 1950; in 1965, it's named the Bob Hope Classic. Bob has his name attached to the famous event for 52 years and hosted the event for 40 on the…
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The Legends Of Golf - Sam Snead
No one wins over 160 tournaments without having talent and “Slammin Sammy” had talent. Sam Snead in 1936 proved his nickname accurate with a 334-yard shot that hit the green at Hershey. The first two shots he hit out of bounds, he finished 5th. Like so many golfing legends, Sam…
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The Legends Of Golf - Gary Player
The Black Night, Mr. Fitness, The International Ambassador of Golf is the best international golfer in the world, many strive for the title but very few have reached what Gary Player has in his career. Gary Player turns professional in 1953 taking the golfing world in South Africa by storm.…
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