Tim Pedersen (Street Articles Author)

Hello, I'm Tim.

I'm just a regular guy from Sweden, and my number one ambition in life right now is to become a full-time internet marketer and quit my offline job, which is boring my brains out.

When I'm not working on my websites and learning more about internet marketing, you can probably find me in a nearby skate park, rolling around on my inline skates. One thing that internet marketing and rollerblading has in common, is that they are both great creative outlets and let you really express yourself.

I'll be writing articles on the topics that I have acquired great knowledge of within the internet marketing field, and try to make my writing as engaging and informative as possible.

If you have any comments on any of my writings or wanna leave some feedback, I'd love to hear it! I will make sure to get back to you real soon!

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