Tina Goodrich (Street Articles Author)

Hello, my name is Tina Goodrich. I live in beautiful Missoula, Montana with my husband, daughter, two dogs and a cat. I've been a professional writer since 1992 when I graduated from the School of Journalism at the University of Montana. I'm also credits away from having a degree in piano performance from the Music Department.

I've worked for several Montana newspapers and have done some freelance fiction and non-fiction writing. I have mainly been making money as a piano instructor.

I'm working through Wealthy Affiliate and excited about making a living as an Internet marketer. My main niche relates to spa culture. The web site is at aspaforeveryone.com. It is still under construction but the site has a lot of content that can convey what I'm attempting to do.

I love to hike, ski, swim, cook, do yoga and entertain. My specialty is soups - which wouldn't be a bad idea for a web site.

Step Into Oils
What could be better than tapping into centuries old elixirs and finding out they work better than what cosmetologists and pharmaceutical companies have been making the since the dawn of the industrial revolution? The answer is being given the opportunity to share my epiphany and indulgence with others. Ladies and…
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